Learning Agreement Eurlex

If you are a student or a faculty member in Europe, you may come across the term “learning agreement eurlex.” This term refers to a document that outlines the educational objectives, activities, and expected outcomes of a student who is studying abroad within the European Union (EU) under the Erasmus+ program.

The learning agreement eurlex is an essential document that ensures that student mobility programs are aligned with the student`s academic goals and the host institution`s academic programs. It is also a contractual document that establishes the rights and responsibilities of the student, the sending institution, and the receiving institution.

The learning agreement eurlex has three sections: before mobility, during mobility, and after mobility. The “before mobility” section outlines the academic program planned by the student in the host institution, the credit transfer system, and the language of instruction. It also specifies the period of study, the funding, and the travel and accommodation arrangements.

The “during mobility” section outlines any changes to the academic program, if necessary, and any additional learning outcomes achieved by the student. It also specifies the academic recognition process and any necessary support services available to the student.

The “after mobility” section includes the academic recognition process, the procedures for issuing transcripts and certificates, and the evaluation of the overall mobility program.

The learning agreement eurlex is a useful tool for students, sending institutions, and receiving institutions. For students, it ensures that their academic goals are aligned with the host institution`s academic programs and that they receive proper recognition for their studies abroad. For sending institutions, it ensures that their students` studies abroad are recognized and that they maintain the academic quality of their programs. For receiving institutions, it ensures that they provide the necessary academic and support services to the students and that they receive proper recognition for their academic programs.

In conclusion, the learning agreement eurlex is a vital document in ensuring the success of academic mobility programs within the EU. It provides clarity and transparency in academic planning, credit transfer, support services, and academic recognition. As a student or a faculty member involved in academic mobility programs, being familiar with this document can help you achieve your academic goals and ensure that you receive proper recognition for your studies abroad.